Leather Dining Chairs With Arms – KEIVVAKN Dining Chairs Set of 4 Gray Faux Leather Dining Room Chairs Upholstered Chairs with Arms Modern Tufted Chairs for Living Room

  • The grey chair’s back tilt is more ergonomic at 110 degrees.
  • As a “product improvement,” the grey Leather Dining Chairs With Arms back has been raised, and the seat has been made wider so that you can sit comfortably and unwind.
  • There are adjustable foot settings added to the chair legs’ bottoms, so you won’t have to worry about the dining chair tipping over.
  • You will receive 4 contemporary leather dining chairs, installation instructions, and good post-sale support.
  • Contact us at any time if you have any questions. In addition to offering clients high-quality goods and services, KEIVVAKN wants to make shopping enjoyable for them with Leather Dining Chairs With Arms.
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Leather Dining Chairs With Arms

Greetings from the KEIVVAKN furniture shop. Spend three minutes browsing; you might find what you’re looking for. A product is created when a designer creates the artwork and provides it to the manufacturing facility to choose the materials. After passing the test, the samples are formally approved for manufacturing and quality-checked. The last step is to select a sturdy box and run a drop test on Leather Dining Chairs With Arms.
The Sillas of Comor: The armchair is not only cosy and strong, but also elegantly designed. It is appropriate for a variety of kitchen, dining, living, waiting, and bedroom styles, including simple, modern, retro, and others.
STRONG AND STABLISH: The frame structure at the bottom of the chair has a “X” shape, which enhances the load-bearing weight and improves the stability of the dining chair.
Height and width of the upholstered chair seat are enhanced. The dining room Leather Dining Chairs With Arms back height is 15.7″ and its breadth is 20.4″. The armrest-equipped grey chair has a 110° back tilt, which is more in line with the shape of the human body.
The seat and the frame are the two components that make up a dining chair. Only two screws are required to join the two pieces. One person can assemble the dining chair because there are enough parts and setup instructions provided.


There are other options for quantity, including sets of two dining chairs, four living room chairs, and six dining chairs.
Set of contemporary classic dining chairs: The leather dining chair can be utilised in the dining room, bedroom, living room, and other rooms, and the regular diamond pattern pairs well with traditional grey. Join family or friends for a wonderful meal, a lively conversation, and a relaxed time in the Leather Dining Chairs With Arms in dining Room while you relax in the plush Keivvakn dining chairs.
Chairs made with comfortable leather: The faux leather chair legs on the KEIVVAKN grey dining chair are shaped like trapezoids to better maintain the stability of the chair, and the seat is composed of high-quality padding and breathable soft leather fabric.
The grey chair’s back tilts 110 degrees. Feel free to sit down, place a hand on the chair’s arm, and lean back.
It is mostly stable and comfy in terms of design. It uses simple colour coordination and superb pattern design for its outside look.
Choose a material—Faux leather is sturdy, breathable, and soft, making it the perfect choice for dining chairs from a functional and aesthetic standpoint.
Manufacturing professionals process each chair on an assembly line, with tight controls at every stage to assure product quality.
Inspection: Following Leather Dining Chairs With Arms dining chair manufacture, qualified personnel will be arranged to thoroughly examine the dining chair’s appearance, structure, and packing, as well as the drop box test.
Details about the product: The PU dining chair’s dimensions are 20.47″ (D) x 20.47″ (W) x 33.07″. (H). The seat is 19.68″ (D) x 20.47″ (W) x 16.5″ (H) and is 16.5″ high from the floor to the bottom of the seat.Choose thickened boxes with a minimum weight of 3 kg when packing items to prevent damage to the dining chair during shipping.
Delivery is typically scheduled to occur one day after your order.


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